Luxury Preloved Popup this Sunday!!

Exactly one week before our next popup!! Looking forward!!

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Torimen, Soho

My dear skinny friends Joey and Mishell have been telling me how amazing Torimen was, how much food they ate last time (hmm two size 6 girls…) and that it’s a must must must-go! I was like… Okay… let’s see how good it is! (as i’m always picky and difficult to please~)

ImageHmm yeh it’s just us 4 girls… we ordered a whole lot and the entire chef table was full of our food. People must be freaked out with how much we ordered! A lot of food i just forgot to take photos (or couldnt be bothered) because i was too busy eating!cherrytomato
I don’t normally eat cherry tomatoes but this is soooo delicious. Tomatoes were really fresh and juicy, makes perfect combo with bacon and melted cheese…
This is more of an ordinary dessert according to the chef… Taro ice-cream. It’s great! not too sweet especially after such a full meal.

ImageI thought my stomach couldn’t bare but this Apple Crunch actually relieved it a bit… semi-sweetened apple pieces with crepes. Not heavy at all.
$$$ wise… We spent about $500/head


1-5 Elgin Street, Central
+852 2546 8008

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