Bridal Shop (3)- Iconic Bridal

My hairstylist introduced this shop to me as he did a few print ad jobs with them. It’s conveniently located in LKF in Central so i went there during lunchtime 🙂

They specialise in white by Vera Wang but also have a few Pronovias. They showed me all the dresses they have on an IPad but i didnt spend too much time on it since I have all the way wanted to try the Pronovias.

To keep my ‘the one’ in secret, I’m not showing it here but the other ones I had tried 🙂

I forgot the names of the dresses but this is part of the Pronovias- St Patrick 2012 collection.


This is La Sposa’s dress.




Iconic provides sell and rental services. The St Patrick and La Sposa I tried are $38,000. For rent, it’s around $7,800.

HK artrist Dada on the St Patrick’s dress.



Bridal Shop (2)- Central Weddings & Occasions

I really like Central Weddings. They don’t have a lot of dresses but they are all of very high quality. The consultant was very patient and pleasant even I tried on 8 dresses! There are Monique Lullier, Amsale, Vera Wang, Ann Barge… Price begins from $30,000 (They have no rental services)







Central Weddings & Occasions

Suite 3510, Edinburgh Tower, The Landmark 15 Queen’s Road Central Hong Kong TEL: (852) 2869-8666

Bridal Shop (1)- Elysian Bridal

Elysian Bridal
Henry Roth’s Diana

I think it’s pretty, especially the cut but I wanted more lace/beads…




Also tried this, but don’t think ball gown is for me…





Elysian Bridal is a small bridal shop in Central. They have mid-tier international brands but don’t have a lot of dresses, around 20-30 I guess. Service was alright… but i won’t say great. They were late in my first appointment and I had to wait outside at the small corridor with poor air ventilation. Not much advice given. Price was pretty affordable (around HKD 20,000) as their brands aren’t the top tier ones, but the mark up is obviously quite high as I know the prices in US and Australia.

Kitty Chen Couture – evening gown

I’ve been thinking whether or not to post wedding dresses up coz i wanted to surprise people when they see me at my wedding… But I realised the quality of the photos is in no way comparable to the real dress anyway hehe…So! Here is my dress….


I think it’s sooooo beautiful. Ignore the black clips at my back… They are just some large clips to keep my dress fitted.

For those who are interested, the dress is called ‘Ginger’ (i dont like this name, doesn’t match the dress AT ALL). Kitty Chen’s latest collection. i got it from Mariee bridal.

I didn’t like the service of the shop, not a very enjoyable experience. I can write a full post about it but ill give them a break (for now!)
I’ll do a full vendor review later with all my wedding vendors.

為保持神祕感原本猶豫好不好把婚禮的裙放上來… 但我發現iPhone相跟真身實在差太遠!
這是我其中一件婚禮晚裝~我覺得她很美… 一穿上就知道是她了!
請怱略黑色的部分, 只是把裙固定的大夾.
裙名字叫ginger… 很怪… 格調完全不相襯~ 她是Kitty Chen Couture 最新系列.我在安蘭街的Mariee Bridal 找到她. 服務非常一般. 不是為了裙我應該永遠不會回去(之後vendor review 會再詳細講)

Mariee Bridal
11 On Lan Street, Central

Giuseppe Zanotti – my bridal shoes

Bridal shoes are one of the most important item on the bridal list (what isnt?!) when i wasn’t looking, pretty shoes are everywhere. when i started looking, they were in nowhere.
I had to make sure my bridal shoes are super comfortable, preferably in platform (since ill be wearing them all day long), tall but not too tall (no more than 4-inches so that i keep good visual with my fiance!), in blush colour (easy colour to match with and my all-time fave!) and sparky (no silver!)
Looked through all the brands like Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Sergio Rossi, Christian Louboutin, Miu Miu… And been to Lane Crawford and Harvey Nics for a dozen times…. NOTHING caught my eyes.
Until I saw them…



I had never shopped in Giuseppe Zanotti, thought their shoes are too high profile. Lady gaga is not my cup of tea. And they are expensive!
But I surrendered when they told me these were the last pair… And they are in my size!!! Not to mention they fulfilled all my requirements.

Honestly, spending 5 digits on a pair of shoes is a bit insane to me… Oh well, there they are!

作為準新娘, 婚鞋是我非常著緊的一環(其實其他我也超緊張的)! 以為我要求的鞋應不算難找… 但我.錯.了. 要看的都看過了… Jimmy Choo, Valentino, Sergio Rossi, Christian Louboutin… 連卡佛Harvey Nics 都行了不知多少次, 全部失.望.而.回!
我要的鞋重點要舒服! (要穿上整天嘛)
不能高過四吋! (要高但也要保持與新郎視覺上的最佳距離)
暗閃, 不要老套銀閃!
原本沒打算行Giuseppe Zanotti, 嫌這牌一般太誇張. Lady gaga的路線不是我的茶… 但無心插柳竟然給我找到! 最後一對還是我的size! 雖然要5位數是有點不值… 為盡快了結這事, 我還是投降了.

Giuseppe Zanotti Design
2072-2073 IFC Mall
10% Discount for VIP or AMEX centurion card holder