Collagen Drinks 膠原蛋白飲料

Do collagen drinks really work? Scientific research says no!
I’m not going into the debate but would like to share my experience in drinking them 🙂

I have super dry skin but don’t like putting cream on. I shower with really hot water and go straight to bed after. In the mornings I only have 15 mins to get ready so obviously there is no time for moisturiser. So it can be easily noticed if my skin got better.


FANCL Deluxe Tense Up
It has been out in the market for years (previously ‘tense up’) but I only started trying it 2 years ago. A few friends highly recommended it for reducing visibility of large pores and lightening acne scars. I don’t have those problems but my skin got so much smoother and moisturised after drinking it for 2 weeks (14 bottles)! Also saw noticeably difference when I put on foundation in the mornings.

I had them for 3 months and I stopped… Skin condition stayed well for quite some time. I recently started having them again as my skin started cracking and got cuts easily with recent weather.

Personally I don’t think one needs to keep drinking it but if you have special occasion – like wedding! Or when your skin is really bad suddenly for whatever reasons, worth giving it a try for a couple months.


I usually get 9 coupons for the best discount – 1 coupon for 1 box (10 bottles). I like putting one box in the office and one at home so that I won’t forget drinking them!

I had tried other brands before- Meiji (the one which looks like baby milk powder) – inconvenient (have to mix the powder with drinks) and taste bad.
Choco bb (my friend gave me a bottle)- don’t like the taste.

Basically Fancl has the best taste (taste a bit like citrus + yoghurt) and I trust it as it’s a relatively renowned brand in beauty supplements.

If you want to find out more about what collagen is and what science say, check these out-
Simply Anti-aging

骨膠原是什麼和是否可靠這類飲料補充, 這裡不多說了(有興趣可參考上面的link).
當然我不會單靠它, 但快速功效它是ok的!

搽Body Cream對我這種心急人來說很有難度~洗淨後還要再搽我覺得好煩. 而且我喜歡乾爽的感覺. 天生的乾性皮膚, 加上愛用超熱水沖涼, 沖完之後馬上睡. 我頸以下的皮膚乾.到.爆! 忙的時候(如近來)連臉也洗完算了…

兩年前接擉Fancl deluxe tense up (以前叫tense up) 是朋友們高度評價它的去印收毛孔功效云云… 本人沒有這些問題但如果喝幾個月可以改善皮膚濕潤度和彈性我覺得一試無妨. 真的, 每天一枝喝了兩個多禮拜, 身的皮膚好像真的滑了, 沒有崩緊的感覺, 早上上foundation也貼了~ 喝了三個月停了, 膚質都無馬上變壞… 直至最近皮膚接近爆拆, 又買了三個月的券.

個人覺得不用長期飲用. 需要時喝三個月就好了. 一張coupon=一箱=十枝. 一般我會公司和家各放一盒.
試過其它牌子如Meiji, Choco bb. 都是Fancl 最好喝又方便. 味道像citrus + 益力多!

Point to note* 我常吃花膠, 牛筋, 豬軟骨一切QQ的~ 還有vitamin c! 這些都對保持膚質有幫助.


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