Bistecca Italian Steakhouse

I was told that Bistecca was one of the best steakhouses in town. We tried it tonight. It’s good but i think it still has a bit of distance when comparing to the Steakhouse of Intercontinental Hong Kong.

The bread was really good- fresh, soft, the taste of herbs and olives were just right!


We ordered a Caesar salad for entree… It’s not bad but nothing surprising.

For main, we had a 16oz rib eye and lobster tail.

The steak is a little too rare when we ordered for a medium… I liked the black truffle sauce that comes with the steak though. It’s creamy and gives an interestingly perfect combination with the steak!
Lobster was also just average… A bit overcooked and too pricey for this size.

Overall, this place is a bit overrated and I much much much prefer the intercon steakhouse!

Bistecca Italian Steakhouse


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