Preloved & Beloved Chanel 我的新歡舊愛

Unlike bags, you use you wallet everyday and at most times it lasts a several years. I always go for Chanel for wallets as their style is more timeless.
I wanted to go for more durable materials but always ended up getting lamb skin as I reckon it looks more elegant!

This is my new wallet






In fact I still love my old wallet so much. And it’s the classic style. Price goes up every year!
Here’s my old wallet


It costs over $7,000 at stores and I’m selling my preloved at $2000-2800 now. You will find it at our preloved event on Jun 30 if no one buys it from me before the event.

銀包和手袋不同, 我更追求持久的款式和耐用的料. 一般會go for Chanel. 喜歡她高貴不俗套. 深知道羊皮比其他皮不耐用, 但每次掙扎過後還是會選羊皮… 個人覺得更有氣質.
其實還很愛我舊的經典款式. 每年加價現賣七千之上. 我的比較舊和髒了. 希望賣$2000-2800. 六月三十日在soho的preloved popup 會看到(也可message 我)

Luxury Preloved Popup
30 Jun, 2013 (Sunday)
Culture Club, 15 Elgin Street (lower), Soho


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