Kitty Chen Couture – evening gown

I’ve been thinking whether or not to post wedding dresses up coz i wanted to surprise people when they see me at my wedding… But I realised the quality of the photos is in no way comparable to the real dress anyway hehe…So! Here is my dress….


I think it’s sooooo beautiful. Ignore the black clips at my back… They are just some large clips to keep my dress fitted.

For those who are interested, the dress is called ‘Ginger’ (i dont like this name, doesn’t match the dress AT ALL). Kitty Chen’s latest collection. i got it from Mariee bridal.

I didn’t like the service of the shop, not a very enjoyable experience. I can write a full post about it but ill give them a break (for now!)
I’ll do a full vendor review later with all my wedding vendors.

為保持神祕感原本猶豫好不好把婚禮的裙放上來… 但我發現iPhone相跟真身實在差太遠!
這是我其中一件婚禮晚裝~我覺得她很美… 一穿上就知道是她了!
請怱略黑色的部分, 只是把裙固定的大夾.
裙名字叫ginger… 很怪… 格調完全不相襯~ 她是Kitty Chen Couture 最新系列.我在安蘭街的Mariee Bridal 找到她. 服務非常一般. 不是為了裙我應該永遠不會回去(之後vendor review 會再詳細講)

Mariee Bridal
11 On Lan Street, Central


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