Eyelash extension 植眼睫毛

我的毛髮天生很幼和淺色. 好處是我無脫毛的煩惱, 但當然我的睫毛也很幼很淺色.

早幾年已開始接觸植眼睫毛. $250中型美容院試過還好但不夠自然, $1,000KP 試過很不錯但貴, 而且好像已不做睫毛. 朋友介紹上環僂儸版也試過(略帶口音的呀姨做)毛質超硬和重而且會跟真的睫毛一齊掉 …
重點我覺得是要毛質好, 粗幼長度彎度選擇多, 膠水好, 效果自然~

一直想試很有名的Novalash, 問過要求跟我一樣高的朋友. 她由Novalash 轉去這家叫Beaute Nail的店(都在威靈頓街The Loop)
這佔三層的店由前港姐王殷廷創辦. 一層做指甲和睫毛, 另一層做facial/massage, 還有一層醫學美容.


原本的睫毛(無眼妝) BEFORE



我覺得還不錯. 毛質好, 自然.
早上趕時間很方便, 基本上可以不化眼妝 🙂

Beaute nail


My hair is very thin and relatively light in colour (comparing to most Chinese). Good thing is that I don’t need any waxing :p but that also means my eyelashes aren’t very noticeable.

Eyelash extension has been in the market for awhile and I had had it done in various places – mid sized beauty centre which costed $250 (didn’t look natural enough), large cosmetics brand KP $1,000 (great but expensive, also I don’t think they do eyelashes anymore), some random upstairs places in Sheung Wan run by some aunties from the mainland (lashes are rough and heavy, and they got dropped off with your real lashes).

I guess the key things to me are: the artificial lashes must be in good quality (soft and comfy enough); have a variety of choices in terms of length, colour and curl; use good glue (so that your own lashes don’t fall along with the fake ones!); and it should suit the shape of your eyes hence look natural!

My friend recommended me this place called Beaute Nail which is opened by former Miss Hk/celebrity Edith Wong, as opposed to the famous Novalash where she used to go. (Both of them are located at The Loop on Wellington St) This place is pretty big! They occupied 3 floors at The Loop, one for nail/eyelash, another one for facial/massage, and one is a laser medical clinic.

Went for a trial yesterday and it was pretty good! Good lashes and looking natural. Saved me lots of time in the mornings of having to put on eye makeup!


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